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Courage to Act

An interactive anti-bullying exhibit. The project focuses on how to identify a victim and the importance of doing something proactive, no matter how small.

Visitors view each scenario on the main screen to understand the story. Each story has three witnesses to the act. Visitor pick each witness to see their reaction to the story.


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“…Most powerful is an interactive video that puts everyday bigotry right there on the screen, a series of convincing vignettes that strike close to home because they evoke our everyday lives. One story features a high school girl who loves to sing but is devastated by anonymous online comments that are vicious and degrading. One close friend thinks the comments are kind of funny and that the girl is taking them too seriously. Another is troubled but frozen and silent because she doesn’t know what to do. Viewers can click on these characters to hear the justifications of their actions….”

— Marcos Breton, The Sacramento Bee


California State Museum Unity Center


RLMG - lead on project

Cory Thomas - Illustrator

Project Services:

Storyboarding, Rigging, Animation, Animation pipleline